Posted on 23-Dec-2019

Datatrek Phone Systems Gold Coast

Part Two

Smart wiring currently uses Category 6 data cabling, which not only supports volume and speed but can be used in other ways.

Many new smart devices use extra low-voltage DC power that can be transferred through the data cable, and it can provide transfer of signals like HDMI high-definition video from one room to another.

Smart wiring in fixed devices can ensure quality of connection and provide flexibility for future uses.

So when you are looking at your new home or renovation, consider what your data needs will be now and think of the many possibilities for the future.

Planning your smart wiring with your builder early in the process can ensure you get the internet you need in a practical and affordable way.

A combination of smart wiring and good wi-fi will provide a reliable and convenient network that can help keep your home at the edge of technological advances.
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