Posted on 18-Mar-2020

Datatrek Phone Systems Gold Coast

As most are aware, there is a likely chance that the majority of the working population will be advised to work from home and a lot already have, where possible.

Should this situation become evident, there are currently options available.
There is no reason that business should not be able to remain operational during isolation periods due to technology.

All current handsets provided by us can be removed from your business address (with their ethernet cables and power supplies). They are designed to function as normal anywhere that they are plugged into an existing data connection. Meaning, should you work from home, you are able to hardwire your handset to your modem (using the ethernet cable from your business) and in the instances of no hardwired internet, you are able to use Wifi enabled devices, to your Wifi connection or mobile hotspot. Check with us to find out what's the best way to function.

Your system is designed to operate as normal with your staff being at multiple locations.

Further to this, should the above not be practical, we are able to have electronic Softphones added to your workplace laptops and desktops. Again, data connection is required and please be mindful that a Bluetooth, USB headset or audio headphones would need to be made available.

Datatrek is here to assist through the hurdles of CONVID-19. We are able to assist with your setup and alternatives should they be required.


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