Posted on 22-Dec-2019

Datatrek Phone Systems Gold Coast

Part One

Netflix, YouTube, Spotify. These are all services a lot of us use every day. They also account for a huge portion of internet use.

Smart TVs now connect wirelessly to access these services, but with such a huge uptake over a short period of time, it makes you wonder what else could be in store.

The ‘internet of things’ is evolving, connecting many smart devices such as our fridges, lighting and air-conditioners to help us communicate, stay safe and improve efficiency – both at home and work.

Additionally, artificial intelligence is starting to influence decision-making and make life’s little challenges that bit easier. Thanks, Siri.

How does this impact on home building? Everything we connect seems to do so seamlessly over wi-fi, leading some to think they can continue to add new technologies with ease as they become available.

However, we don’t know how the internet will change, how good the graphics on our games will be and how many photos our friends will bombard us with on Facebook.

Wi-fi technology might catch up, but when we bombard the network with lots of devices streaming large amounts of data, it can struggle.

There are options to upgrade your wi-fi system to provide better coverage and security and to help penetrate our brick walls and concrete slabs, but to genuinely overcome the issues, smart wiring can be a real value-add in at home.
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